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Lessons and Programs

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Stadium Tennis Center offers a unique array of summer tennis programs designed for tennis players of all levels to experience. Through our partnership with Gotham Tennis Academy, we have assembled some of the most talented, and engaging tennis pros in New York City. Our pros share a passion to work closely with players of all levels and ages to help them develop their fullest potential.

Stadium Tennis Center offers two distinct summer tennis experiences to choose from:

The Red and Orange Ball Summer Junior Development Camp is a great way to keep your child (ages 5-10) active and improve his or her tennis in a fun and supportive environment. The camp is designed to take your child to the next level towards tennis proficiency in our fun and supportive environment. Certified tennis instructors with international backgrounds excel at teaching junior players at this formative stage of development. Your child will not only have lots of fun, but also gain confidence, learn appropriate tennis fundamentals and make new friends.

The Yellow Ball Summer High Performance Tennis Camp is designed for those juniors (ages 7-15) who aspire to become more competitive tournament players and prepare them for more competition and advanced play. On-court drills, match play, conditioning and mental toughness training fitness will prepare your child for the next level of advanced play. If your child is ready to reach for new heights on the tennis court, then you owe it to yourself to experience high performance summer training at the Stadium Tennis Center.

Below is a typical camp day which illustrates the range of scheduled activities:

9:00-10:00 Early Drop-Off Option
10:00-10:30 Warm-Up, Stretching
10:30-12:00 Morning Instruction, Drills and Games focussing on Agility, Balance and Coordination
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:30 Instruction, Footwork Drills, Match Play, Cross-Sport Training
3:30-4:00 Cool Down

Private lessons are offered to players of all ages and levels. To book a private lesson or reserve a seasonal court or other court reservation please call 718-665-4684 or email

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered to players of all ages and levels. To book a private lesson or reserve a seasonal court or other court reservation, please call 718-665-4684 or email

Junior Programs

Quickstart (Ages 3-7)

The Quickstart program is designed for our youngest beginners who are usually 3-7 years old. The Quickstart Program utilizes USTA-approved foam balls, mini-nets and age and level-appropriate drills. In fun and friendly one hour and 45 minute classes, we offer fundamental skill-building exercises critical to creating early muscle memory. In no time, your child will learn to swing the racquet and move his or her feet like a tennis prodigy! Qualified pros are selected very carefully for this program. We understand the importance of your child having A LOT OF FUN at this developmental stage, so we’ve hand-picked the most fun-loving and energetic pros to teach in this program. You can expect your child to realize significant improvement in the areas of eye-hand coordination, footwork proficiency, and basic stroke movements by the completion of this program. Progress reports are used to monitor progress.

Junior Development Program (Ages 6-12)

For beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate level players, the Junior Development Program is designed to take your child to the next level towards tennis proficiency. This program, offered in 1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions, focuses primarily on the nuts and bolts of stroke production. The qualified instructors analyze and break down every stroke in the game until your child can complete the strokes routinely. They also emphasize dynamic footwork and live ball drills with quick movements that are essential to developing the complete tennis player. Upon completion of this program, the successful JDP student will have a solid understanding of basic score keeping, a complete tennis game and should be able to maintain baseline rallies. Progress reports aid in monitoring the progress of your child’s growth in this program.

Advanced Training Program

For advanced and advanced-intermediate level players, the ATP program offers comprehensive training for players involved in, or considering, tournament play. This two hour comprehensive program starts with a dynamic warm-up and concludes with game-based drills and supervised match play. Once all the strokes are honed, our instructors guide students towards constructing points, tactically working through games, and strategizing a match plan through playing sets. Many students who have completed this program can be found playing USTA tournaments and participating on their school tennis teams. Progress reports aid in monitoring the progress of your child’s growth in this program.

Elite High Performance Training

Our Elite High Performance (EHP) program is by invitation only, and based on talent identification and tryout. EHP1, for our most advanced 12 and over students, will be held Monday-Friday from 5:30-8:00pm and Sunday from 3:00pm-5:00pm. EHP2, which is designed for our most advanced 11 and under students will take place Monday-Friday 3:45-6:00pm and Sunday from 3:00pm-5:00pm. A minimum of three program days is recommended for EHP1 and a minimum of two days is recommended for EHP2.

Elite High Performance (EHP) Program Highlights:

  • Each student will have a private coach/mentor
  • Each student will have an individualized development plan, which will be explained to parents and students before implementation and reviewed and discussed on a quarterly basis.
  • Weekly match play
  • Daily fitness program
  • Mental skills development (monthly)
  • Lead coaches will be on the court during program time.
  • Coaches will accompany students to tournaments on a rotation basis (at an extra cost).
  • Court assignments will be made at the discretion of our Directors based on a combination of effort, commitment as well as match-play and tournament results.
  • Emphasis on ball recognition, movement, shot selection, technique and strategy/tactics as well as rituals and routines.

The EHP program aims to create a nucleus of talented, hard-working, like-minded students and families striving to achieve excellence in tennis. Our new EHP program will bring the best of the best together-to develop a united culture among players in the Metro New York area. Our goal is to provide a pathway for each student to achieve his/her dream on the tennis court.

* By Invitation Only.

Please ask about special Elite training discounts and scholarships

Adult Programs

Group Clinics

Our clinics are designed to challenge both the body and mind, by offering an even distribution of drill-based instruction AND doubles match play. Our pros will have you moving like never before with foot-work based drills and cardio tennis based games, prior to match play.

To register for a group clinic, please call 718-665-4684 or email

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a USTA endorsed program that provides calorie melting levels of cardiovascular activity through fun and challenging on-court tennis drills and games.

With the added excitement of heart-pumping music, our certified tennis pros will move you around the court and work you out in ways you never thought possible. They combine their most popular drills and games with constant footwork movements, from warm-up to cool down, to give you the best workout possible.

Cardio Tennis is primarily a cardio workout - so ANYONE can join in on the fun and get the maximum benefits from this program. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, Gotham Tennis Academy has a Cardio Tennis Class for you.

To register for cardio tennis, please call 718-665-4684 or email